Anniversary Take One

Congratulations! You have been putting up with my all over the place blog for a whole year! I wish WordPress would send you all the anniversary badge that they sent me, because you deserve it. Thank you for taking your time to read my blogs, to respond or reply, and to become my friends.

My first blog was  The Secret Things. Boy did I have a lot to learn. (And I still do. I am surprisingly not really considered a techy kind of girl).

I had so many ups  A Homeschooling High and downs Living Forty Decibels Up. (Like a roller coaster!) You encouraged me so much! I was way too emotional Another Day Lost, and sometimes just silly Sunbathing in the Throne Room.

My topics were certainly diverse. I talked about my walk with God Help! I’m at church!, homeschooling The “I Have to Teach What?” Meltdown, parenting Coming Out of the Parenting Hazes, writing Coffee Break; Cream, no Sugar, sexual abuse Flashback, publishing sexual abuse and publishing, philosophy Coffee and Meandering Life Philosophies, stories The Bull, the Apple Tree and Me and my new job with VIPkids A Fun New Job and This Time I Get Paid.

This year I also got serious about poetry, which is the biggest way I have worshiped God Look Up, worked through sra and ptsd There Is a Child, and my personal favorite  There is a Line.

You have shared so many aspects of my life, and I appreciate your great support. I also learned about so many of you and about your lives. Sometimes you have even been gracious to allow me to share your work on my site Guest Vision Sharer and one of my favorite blogs written by Shelly.

I entitled my blog “God is Good” because it is the one thread throughout all of the different topics I have addressed. It shows that no matter what I go through in life, God is a part of it, and that He is good. Simplistic maybe, but deep always. I see that He is good in each of your lives as well  God Really is Good.

It will be interesting to see where this new  year will lead. Thank you, again. You have been great and I appreciate your continued friendship and support, likes and comments. You are as much of a part of this blog as I am :).




Okay, God, Your Point?

Why does the Bible spend so much time on what is to come?

I love the prophetic which means I read the prophetic books in the Bible over and over again. So today I finished Daniel and went into Joel. Daniel was talking end times and Joel was talking about things to come. Then it hit me: a big part of the Bible is God telling us what is going to happen before it happens. God is smarter than I am, so nothing is by happenstance, which means that everything has a reason. So I started thinking through where God was going with all this prophetic stuff.

So my mind started whirring and then the really super-duper deep reason hit me: a big part of a Bible is an arrow shooting across the time/space continuum towards our ultimate life end and eternity beginning. The human race has been told over and over and over again that the end is coming and that we need to make sure we are on the right side of the line that has been drawn.

I think God’s point is to be in a constant state of readiness for the end of the world, but even more personal is the end of our own life. Are we right where we need to be with God? Are we waiting until we know our life is almost over to accomplish certain things? Are we putting off truly following God for some crazy reason?

Every time you see an arrow, think about where your life is going. Following God will help you hit the mark every time. I think that is the point.