Meadow Walkin’

By Lisa M Meister

The stream flows past an even pace
Though rapid yesterday it was
Sometimes the water is clear as glass
Or murky brown with mud the cause

The meadow’s edge kiss-es the stream
Whatever may be the flow
But no matter how it goes on by
I am safe sitting in the meadow

Green blankets the meadow where I now sit
The sun shines down quite warmly
Happy be the stream that ambles by
So I can bask quite nicely

The flowers beckon me further in
I go to inspect their beauty
The fragrance wafts upon the wind
The bees buzz by so happy

Peaceful am I and quite relaxed
Not much to require my thinking
I realize I have entered in
Where my heart was yearning

I hear a roar and walk back to
My little srteam no longer
White foam as waves’ waters crest
I stare at it in wonder

My attention pulls to the waves
Peacefulness flees yonder
The meadow really stays the same
Yet I eye the flow much longer

I forget the meadow as I stare
My mind dulls and gets frozen
I know not time I’m waste’n here
As if my body dozin’

A gentle tap upon my shoulder
Whomsoever could it be
I turn and see the Good Shepherd
He says come follow me

Into the meadow go I again
Hand in hand with my Savior
The meadow once again brings peace
I want to stay forever

If within the meadow stay
Warm in my Shepherd’s care
All will be well, I’ll overcome
Of the waves I’m unaware

Easy and Taxes

Today I am linking up with Five Minute Friday with . Their challenge is to take their prompt and write for five minutes on the topic. Today’s word is EASY:

The title for this writing is completely grammatically incorrect. Easy and taxes never go together, which is why my daughter’s ez version of her tax form took me three hours to fill out incorrectly.

Taxes are a big deal to us every year, but really not a big deal in life. And yet how many hours and or dollars does it take for us to get them done?

Salvation is a big deal and it has to do with eternity. It’s ez version is easy:

1) Do you believe Jesus died for your sins?

2) Do you love God

That took me less than five minute to write, and even less time to do.

Salvation is easy; taxes are hard.

So the next time you hear the word TAXES, think EASY, and then think SALVATION. I am so glad God didn’t send a form for it…