He Does More Than Finish My Sentences

Getting closer to God, one conversation at a time.

Men may scratch ther heads, but women love having friends that know them well enough to finish their sentences. I made that kind of friend in college. Anne and I met my freshman year and spent hours upon hours talking about anything and everything. In just a few weeks we started finishing each other’s sentences. When we started dating, it drove our future husbands nuts. (And it still does when we get together no matter how much time has gone by since we have seen each other).

But God can do one better.

Psalm 139: 1-4

You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tonge you, Lord, know it completely.

I can feel all the eyes rolling from the men, but this is so cool. Think about how fun a conversation it would be. It would be loving and tender. God “gets” me in ways that I don’t even understand about myself.

Today when you have your conversations with God, you can be positive that He “gets” you. He understands where you are and what you are thinking. So have fun with your Best Friend and feel loved and appreciated.

Take a Walk

God walked with me today. The day was not special and we chatted about nothing deep, but just spent the time enjoying each other’s company. I love spending time with Him. I love learning about Him and drawing closer to Him. Each day I want to find ways that I can get ever closer to Him.

I am never satisfied with how close I am to Him. My heart is on a race toward the throne room. I want to bow down right in front of Him and be able to see His toes on the floor. Today I did get closer to Him, just by spending time.

I love to tell Him how beautiful the trees and mountains and birds are. I tell Him how amazed I always am His creativity. Seriously, how long did it take to figure out gravity just right so all the planets and suns didn’t collide together? With all the solar systems and galaxies, it surprises me that the spheres up there aren’t colliding like billiard balls.

I thought through all the miracles, grace and mercy God has extended to me over the years. I thanked God for our new paid for and installed water softener. I thanked Him for my family and friends. I thanked Him for our wonderful church and amazing pastor and his lovely wife. They have such a passion to love on people and point them more and more toward God.

I also enjoy talking to Him about things I disagree with. mosquitos, dirty dishes and time continuums. Or ask about what was up with the platypus. Or why don’t I have a panda bear and slide when I want one so badly. I’m sure He laughs at me a lot, but I really do talk to Him about these things.

Everyone can walk with God. Everyone can talk to Him. Take Him along with you tomorrow, and just chill. You will get closer to Him than ever and have a lot of fun. I’m sure you will make Him laugh.


Coming Out of the Parenting Hazes

Coming out of the parenting haze and finding…

My husband and I waited two years after marriage to have our first bundle of blessings. It was amazing what God had blessed us with. Our beautiful daughter soon turned into three beautiful daughters and one handsome son. I greatly loved those years and do wish them back at times. It was what I termed “The Baby Haze”. I was blessed to be a 24/7 mom and I don’t think I ever completed one complete thought or prayer.

Next came “The Toddler Haze” which helped me to keep my svelt shape for many years. I had never done so much running, diving and trying to hold two wiggly kids at once in my life. At that point it was all out survival, as in keeping all my kids alive.

“The School Haze” was next, and homeschooling caused this to be quite lengthy. I have loved every minute of it, and learned how to instantaneously switch from explaining how to write a report to answering a Biology question, to helping with a Greatest Common Factor question, to a Greek civilization question. The haze felt much like schizophrenia.

I have graduated 3 of my precious children in the past few years, and am left with one talented 9th grader. She seriously could homeschool herself if needed.

Now I realize that the haze is lifting. My husband and I are getting to see each other again and actually spend time together in something other than parenting pursuits. We are getting to spend more and more time together, and it feels great! Sometimes I go into work with him and hang out in his office while he works and runs to class. I helped him move his office down the hall a couple of weeks ago, and we just really enjoyed each other.

I have found that the man I fell in love with 25 years ago has matured in honorable and godly ways, holding great wisdom for the time that our children will not see us as so stupid and embarrassing.

I really thought when I would start empty nesting I would fall apart, but that just hasn’t been the case. It has been gradual and I am finding awesome opportunities for my husband and me.


Arrows that hit their mark.

I have lived my past
In constant terror
Pain and anguish
Devilish horror

Why twist it
An arrow create
Straight in my heart
Dead center fate

If you wanted
To deeply hurt
You can witness
Blood on my shirt

Do you rejoice
At what have done
Relish the victory
Claim that you won

Conquer you have
Gloat if you must
You have violated
All of my trust

I have to face
All over again
How I fail now
How I hurt then

I would never
Have believed
So much evil
You could heave

I must talk less
Engage no more
An emotional ball
Left on the floor

By Lisa M Meister


A twinkle of light
The promise of day
Sparkles of thoughts
With the first ray

The trill of a bird
The croak of a frog
Nature wakes up
And burns off the fog

I stand in awe
As the day dawns
God’s big dislplay
Turns the day on

The sky turns to pink
To purple and blue
White fluffy clouds
Float in my view

The colors fade
As in comes the sun
I am amazed
At all God has done

He wrapped for me
This day in a bow
I am at peace
At God’s big light show

I turn my heart
To my great God above
Who has already wrapped
This day in His love

My Bible on lap
I focus on God
He draws me in close
I give Him my laud

The litling peace
Fills up my soul
This day I will spend
God’s plan is my goal

I Saw You

Finally accepting my little one inside.

I saw you the other day
Just a flash
A shock out of the darkness
A glimpse of the girl
I wanted to forget

I had seen your shadow
Stopping by
Over the years
But I pushed you away
I didn’t want tears

But in that flash
That moment suspended through time
That raw spot in my chest
Reached out to you
To understand

I did not want
To see you again
You disrupted my life
Time after time
Even as you were forgotten

That touch
Brief as it was
Opened the vault
I had sealed for eternity
Long ago

You sent another flash
And there you were
Bruised dirty alone
I had put you there

I looked long and hard
Your desperation
And I walked up to you
Slapped your face
How dare you

You curl in a ball
I stomp away
My chest bleeds
My head pounds
I hear you cry

I can’t sleep
The echo of your cry
The pitiful picture
You display
Takes my appetite

What is wrong with you
Leave me alone
Go away
I cannot deal with you today
Or ever

I can’t breathe
The pain in my chest
Reaches out
To the one
I can no longer leave behind

Another flash
I walk back
To the past
I will not hurt you

You look up at me
Tears of the unwashed
Forgotten child
I look at your face
You are me

All you want
Is for me to pick you up
Accept legitimacy
You are the one
Who never lied to me

I take you back
To the present
The only place
I can keep you safe

Now you are washed
Loved and accepted
We are now we