Sunbathing in the Throne Room

When God is our light, where else would we sunbathe?


The Bible tells us that in the new heaven and new earth, God will be the light and we will no longer have the sun. People have found this interesting and just plain cool for a long time, but I don’t think people have really thought through this scenario. I admit that I really hadn’t either until today. The outcome of my deep thinking is this: if God is the sun, then we will have to sunbathe in the throne room. A little awkward, right? There are some other concepts that also come to mind when thinking about the Sun.

How is it that we go to bed at night with the weight of the world on our shoulders, slumped in defeat at the errors of the day and then wake up the next morning feeling like we are strong and can take on the world?

Think about this: the tiredness and mental battering come at us as it gets dark, and even into the wee hours of the night. People having trouble sleeping, having bad or just plain crazy dreams or pacing the night away is a problem everyone understands. People even say that nothing good happens after midnight. And that is true because the night is where a lot of shootings or robbings or domestic disputes happen.

Now we have the day, the morning light. It fills us with a sense of ability to meet the challenges of the day, a peaceful calm that comes over us as we sit over our cup of coffee. Then we work hard during the day to be educated or to work, having great satisfaction of our abilities to make a difference in the world in some small way.

Is the analogy shouting at you right now? Our enemy, the devil, carries out much of his business at night. He seems to have more success in suggesting sinful ideas to people and have the people following his suggestions. God, on the other side, works in the light. The Bible says that in the new heaven and the new earth, God will provide all the light as we will have no more need for the Sun.

It’s pretty cool to see the symbolism of God being light every day of our lives. So put on some sunscreen and grab your sunglasses, and bask in the light of our God.

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