Help! I’m at church!

If I have to scream for “help!” church is where I want to be. There is something about being here that suggests God’s presence, and that is where I need to be when my heart cries out.

I love to take my problems, emotions, insecurities, and family (I have been known to drag all my kids up there when there has been too much disunity in the house), to the altar and officially give the circumstances to God. God is the only one who can fix my troubles.

When my kids were young I went through a phase of yelling. I went to the altar sobbing several weeks in a row, and then slowly God calmed me down.

When I am super desperate, I prostrate myself on the floor. That way God knows I am really serious. That is the point where I have no words to express my struggle. I imagine myself in front of the throne of  God. It is powerful.

We have a very kind, patient, and helpful pastor who will spend the time give me the time I need to listen sympathetically and give sage advice. There are other Christians who will pray for me and call during the week too see how I am doing.

So today I am right where I need to be. If you need help, there is no better place to go.


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