A Homeschooling High


This is a picture of what three of my kids decided to do a few days ago.  Jessica on the left is 22, the of course Greta Van Susteren, Laura who is 14, and Jeff,20, the one with the beard.

Jeff woke up Wednesday morning and informed Jessica that he just got the two of them tickets to go to Donald Trumps townhall meeting.  Indiana is amazingly important in this primary, when usually we are ignored, so it is kind of exciting around here.  Jessica was in, but they are in college, which makes it a school day.  They decide their political decision making process is more important for the day, and I must agree.

Laura is interested in many things, politics included.  She is in 8th grade this year, and we read the book Are You Liberal? Conservative? or Confused? By Richard Maybury.  It was a great read a gave both of us a wonderful understanding of political philosophies.  Laura even sits with everyone else when the televised debates are on television.

So of course Laura wanted to go.  They downloaded another ticket and off they went.  (Homeschool moms have to be ready to change directions at a moments notice if a better academic pursuit comes up).

So they went downtown and fought the crowds, American Ninja Warriors was setting up for the next day (also cool), and ended up being invited to sit up on the stage.  Not only were they put on stage, but they were in the first row right behind Greta!  So at 7:00 on Fox News On the Record with Greta, there my kids were, right behind her.

When 7:00 rolled around I had already ordered the pizza and we sat and laughed our way through, amazed at the opportunity my kids had.  I did post it on facebook, but nobody took me up on the offer of their autographs.

Homeschooling is amazing on so many fronts.  I am always thankful for the opportunities my kids have been able to take advantage of by not being on a school schedule.  But I must say that this one was by far the best!



16 thoughts on “A Homeschooling High

  1. Buenas noches! Thanks a lot for this post! Sorry to bother,but can I re-post a few parts of ” Need for Speedâ„¢ Hot Pursuit v1.206.″ on a differentsite? Thank you! Have a pleasant day!

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  2. Love it, love it, love it! Being in PA, our primary was pretty important, too, so Ted Cruz was campaigning at a diner about 15 minutes from our house. Unfortunately, the introvert in me kept me away because of the crowds {Sigh}. I really need to get over that.

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