Guest Vision Sharer

This is an amazing and powerful vision written down by a godly man who is pursuing God with all he has.  He has chosen the name of:


I opened a door and walked into a room. The room was dark. In the room I stumbled around in the darkness and I came to find a book. I opened the book and started to read it and as I did a small candle started to flicker. The more I read the brighter the light became. I found that the light was in me now. The light shown into the dark room. I saw monsters. I was not scared of the monster but upset at them for robbing me of life. I accepted what the book said. I was royalty a son of a King. The King sent His Son to pay a price for me, for my freedom. I believed this and proclaimed it with my mouth. I held the book and it became sword in my hand. I used it to kill the monsters in the room. I read more. The light grew, I saw more monsters that needed to die. I also saw myself, the biggest monster of all. Slowly the Book changed me from and ugly monster into more like the Son of the King that was sacrificed for me. I saw myself in the room with many other light bearing beings around me in a big circle. Way outside of that circle of light there was still darkness and monsters yet to be slain and I saw others in darkness and I was told to carry my light to them. I looked close and I saw a person on my right shoulder and on my left shoulder. I asked what are they? One looks angelic and the other is in chains but is very loud. I was told the angelic one is your new life, it is free and tells you and guides you in the good things that God has for you. And the other I asked? Well the other is your old self. It has no power unless you free it but it has a voice that you can listen to if you want. It will put doubt and fear in your life. It will guide you back into you old ways. I said well that’s stupid. Why should he be there? What power on earth keeps him there? The reply…you do!!!!! Find the light!!!! Christ is the light!!!!


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