The Secret Things

I really liked it when my kids were little. They thought I knew and could explain anything. I tried very hard to keep that going, especially since I homeschooled all of them, but one day they found me out. My kids are now at the age where they realize I really don’t know all that much, which probably hits the mark better.

As Christians we are much the same as my children. We want to believe that God will give us understanding on everything. Then we look at all the bad in the world and wonder why God doesn’t stop it. It gets even worse when it hits home: a death, job loss, miscarriage, illness… “Why did God allow that to happen?” becomes the question that haunts us.

God understands our need to understand, so He gave us Deuteronomy 29:29.

  The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are                                        revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the                                      words of this law.  KJV

As much as we want to understand why bad things happen, we don’t know unless God tells us. We know that the blind man that Jesus healed in John 9: 1-3 was blind so that “the works of God would be made manifest in him”.  There God gives us the why, which is a priceless gift. Why did 6 million Jews die in the Holocaust? That we are not told.

I wish we understood why some people are healed and some are not. Why does God allow some things and not others? The things we understand are easy to trust; the secret things, not so much.

God is good. He knows and understands all and we can trust Him in the secret things. My children don’t have to look to me for all answers, but they can look to God. He will tell them what He wants them to know. Then they can relax and realize that they have a big God they can trust.

What are the secret things in your life? I have many, but one is a miscarriage. I can trust God in that and I don’t have to understand it. Let’s drop all those secret things at God’s feet and work on living today. I know we can do it.







6 thoughts on “The Secret Things

  1. Lisa, I think that is the question we all would like to know the answers to. I know that through trials I grow closer to God, I know that Jesus has suffered all things for us. His word is greater then fears feelings, doubts or any circumstances in our lives. We will all know the answer someday when we are sitting at his feet. For now I just have to believe his word and trust him. Keep blogging Lisa


    1. Thanks, Sherry. It is a hard and painful topic and it does certainly make us grow. What makes me sad is all the people who get mad at God for the secret things. Thanks for the encouragement!


  2. Amen! I remember that time with my boys when they thought I could rope the moon. Now not so much and quite the opposite in fact. I find now I am no longer required to explain God to others only to love in the face of adversity. To be the shoulder or helping hand to those in need or to stand for those in bondage!


    1. Thank you, Darryl. We are certainly on the same page. It is freeing not to try to explain things about God we don’t understand. You are right that loving others is the best thing to do.


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